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Tax Planning

Taxes are critical to retirement planning and are an important part to our process. - "Focus On What Matters and What You Can Control".

Although identifying tax opportunities on an annual basis is a good first step, strategic decisions regarding tax should be made in the context of an overall financial plan (that includes reasonable year-by-year tax projections). An overall plan will help guide decisions that may include choosing to pay some additional tax in the near term in order to avoid considerably more in the future.

We use Tax Clarity software to provide an intuitive view of your tax situation, which may allow us to suggest alternate patterns of withdrawal or contribution to retirement accounts like 401ks, IRAs or Roth IRAs. We also help you understand when it may be beneficial to consider Roth conversions or harvest a capital gain or capital loss in your taxable accounts. Although we do not provide tax advice, this strategic tax consulting can help you and your tax advisor proactively identify opportunities to save on taxes throughout retirement.